Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games: Choose, Play and Win

The world of gambling stretches far and wide. Now it has reached further in every home through the Internet. Gamblers can flock to the brightly lit streets of Las Vegas for the varied collection of casino games or they can also log in to their favorite gambling website to try their hand at a game that they have never tried before. The large variety in online casino games is the result of the growing competition in the field of iGaming.

Online gambling has brought in a greater variation in terms of gameplay as well as themes of the gambling games. Thus, it may be a challenge for you to decide the game to play without any regrets and losses. Let Gambling Geeks find out more about casinos, their games and how to pick the best entertainment to spend your time on!

Types of Online Casino Games to Play

Who does not like variation when it comes to regular activity? Even if the activity is not regular, it is good to have a large number of choices so that one gets to know where their interests lie. More importantly, it is easy to find more than one interest when there is an array of choices on the website. 

If you are an online gambler who wants to have a full idea of the types of games available on any online casino, then this section will prove to be helpful. Some examples of top favorites in any online casino are:

  • Slot Games
  • Card Games
  • Live Games

Let us look into each category in detail and understand the sub-categories under them as well.

Online Slots

Slot games are undeniably the most popular casino game on any platform as it has a lot to explore when it comes to the gameplay. The gaming studios try to make the slot games unique in their own way so that there are more players spinning the reels of the game. Online slot games combine the fun of in-game bonus offers, free spins, multipliers, special symbols, and fun features.

There are a large number of slot machines online which come with their own jackpots. The jackpots may also be progressive in nature. Most slot games in this day are adapted to run smoothly on all interfaces, platforms, and software. The reason to bring this development in slot games is to make sure that the games can be accessed by a larger audience. Thus, players can play from their mobile devices as well as their laptops as and when they please.

Slot games also have an opportunity to provide high-end graphics along with an advanced sound profile. Players can not only use the game to make money but they can also engage themselves in the narrative. The online slot machines come with themes that make the gameplay all the more interesting to players online. The most popular theme is that of fruits. Some studios may also produce custom slots where they come up with their own theme, gameplay, and features.

While playing slot games, make sure to go through the rules and regulations well.

Video Poker

In itself, poker is one of the most popular gambling games that has ever existed on this planet. Not only is it popular but it is also one of the oldest in the industry. A large number of seasoned gamblers opt for poker when they are playing online. It is difficult to score a seat at the poker table at a brick and mortar establishment. Thus, online casinos have come up with video poker wherein the gameplay is based on 5-card draw poker.

Video poker has elements of both slot games as well as traditional poker. Just like traditional poker requires strategies, one would expect players to come with strategies handy for video poker as well. This particular category is nothing short of entertaining. However, one may end up losing more than they had imagined if they do not watch their moves or be aware of the gameplay.

Online Table Games

Table games have their own fan following at any online wagering establishment. There are a variety of games under Table Games and the reason for this is that one is not enough. Some of the common names are:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Teen Patti
  • Sic Bo
  • Rummy

Many of these games have their own gameplay or some will also have twists to the original gameplay. Regardless of that, they are quite thrilling in nature and payout well.

Live Dealer Games 

It is an impossible task to take a vacation to Las Vegas every time one wishes to make some money by gambling. However, when such cravings take place, how does one manage to indulge in a little bit of real-life gambling? This is made possible with the help of live dealer games. In these games, the online casino provides the players with live dealers who talk to the players at the table while they deal with the cards and conduct the game.

The sole purpose of this activity is to make the experience close to real. Players get to mingle with other players from other countries thereby allowing gambling along with socializing. Players can also avail themselves of the bonus offers while they are playing a live game. Some of the live games on the list are:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • Teen Patti
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Dice

Experience real-life casino-like gambling with the Live Games feature.


Bingo is a game that unites families and friends. When there are incentives added, this game can turn out to be more rewarding than one can imagine. Most gaming parlors, as well as online casinos, have this particular game as a separate category on their list. Bingo allows players to earn money as well as enjoy fun graphics, bonus offers, as well as chat with the other players on the forum.

Bingo has two distinct modes – free play and real casino game. Players can try the single-player game or the multi-player game depending on their tastes. Furthermore, there is an option to use the mobile version in case of unwillingness to play from the desktop.


This is one of the online games sections which is less visited yet a relief to many online players. Often when gamblers get bored of complicated gameplay and intense wagering requirements, they take a break to try out less sought after gambling games such as keno. Keno is a form of lottery game that has traveled from state-organized fairs to one’s desktop over the years.

Players play keno with the help of 80 balls that are numbered from 1 to 80. They get to choose a number up to 20 and then place their bet depending on the one that will be drawn at a random fashion in the next round. The payouts are decided based on the total number of numbers that the players chooses to call, their bets, and the total number of matches out of which numbers are chosen. The more the number of correct guesses on numbers, the more is the winning amount.

Free vs. Cash Games: Pros & Cons

When gambling at an online casino, there are two modes in specific. They are free to play modes and real casino games. The free play mode comes with a lot of benefits as it offers players the chance to try the game without depositing any money. This money is used in the real casino game to win more money. Once the demo mode trains you for the real game, players can build their own strategies and work accordingly.

The main advantages of playing for free are:

  • It lets the players get accustomed to the gameplay.
  • There is no risk of losing money.
  • Players do not have to sign up with the casino.
  • Free games work as a great software run.

The disadvantages of playing for free are few. Players do not get to win money in the demo round. Besides, there are a few features that are restricted in the free play round.

The advantages of playing the real game have been listed below:

  • One can win real money instantly.
  • The game leads to more in-game bonus games.
  • One can take part in the competitions within the online casino.
  • There is a greater competitive edge in the real casino game.

The disadvantages of playing a real online casino game are the same as the disadvantages of gambling. Players can get too involved in the process and end up losing money which may further lead to addiction.

What Games Would Suit Your Personality?

Given that there is a large number of categories in terms of gambling games online, one has to look around for some time in order to understand which particular game type suits them well. We have listed a couple of factors that will help you understand your area of interest well.

Decide What Your Goals Are – Figure Out Your Likes, Wants, and Needs

When it comes to gambling, it is necessary to decide what is it that one is looking for when they are at an online casino. Some people gamble for the thrill while some gamble for the sole purpose of making money. However, there is a certain number of people who gamble only to pass their free time.

No matter what the reason may be, understand your objective while gambling. Evaluate whether you are a quick player or someone who takes their time while gambling. Check if you like games with complicated gameplay and high-end graphics or simple games do the work for you. Accordingly, settle for a category that appeals to you.

How Much Money Do You Plan to Spend on Games?

This is an important factor that all gamblers need to consider when they are evaluating themselves as wagerers. If you are a high-roller by nature, you can go for games that have a high betting range set with handsome payouts. Keep in mind that there is more to lose in such games. In the case of someone who wishes to keep gambling as a recreational activity, then it is better to settle for games that do not demand a lot.

Which Games Do You Know? 

Make sure to try the games that you are familiar with. However, try different free games that are new for you as well to check if your interests have shown any change. As a gambler, you may find yourself to be intrigued by new gameplay and games in the industry. Be open to new games while keeping your favorite ones bookmarked on your browser.

Do You Prefer Chance or Skill-based games?

A large number of games on an online casino are based on the skill while some only require sheer luck. Skill-based games are usually card games as they require prior knowledge of the game as well as good strategies in place. Understand whether you are a person who likes to get into the depth of gaming or wishes to gamble only superficially. Accordingly, narrow down on a category and play to win.


  1. Is it necessary to gamble only to make money?

Gambling is an activity that helps players win money while giving them their regular dose of entertainment, gambling news, as well as thrill. Players can gamble to know more about the game, enjoy the experience, or pass their spare time.

  1. Can I win money playing free online casino games?

No, free games do not require any deposit to play and thus, one does not get to win any money when they try the demo mode.

  1. Why should I try the demo mode?

The demo mode of the free play round of any game makes the players more equipped to handle the real casino game with the strategies in place.

  1. How do I know which gambling game is meant for me?

It is best to try out the free games from any category that interests you to know if it is the right fit. Alternatively, you should also judge yourself as a gambler to know what sort of games suit you well.

  1. How can I get a real casino experience at an online casino?

Try the Live Games section in order to get an experience close to a brick and mortar establishment. The Live Games come with live dealers who interact with the players while dealing them the cards.