• Easy gameplay
  • 50/50 odds
  • No math skills needed
  • Available in live dealer format
  • No strategy to predict the outcome
  • Plain gameplay

Do you want to play Andar Bahar online – a simple yet gripping game? Gambling Geeks invite you to experience fun, unique gameplay that may capture your attention for a long time. Get ready to enjoy large stakes, big wins and engaging options in the Andar Bahar games.

Andar Bahar is the game where you are going to play against the Dealer. All you need to do is to guess where the selected card lands – on Andar or Bahar – and take your win. Today is your lucky day as you will learn everything about playing Andar Bahar online.

What is Andar Bahar Online Cash Game

Andar Bahar is India’s very own card game that is widely popular in South and North India. There are no definite facts when exactly it was founded, but people have been playing the Andar Bahar card game well before the British standard 52-card deck arrived in the country.

Until the present days, people play Andar Bahar during dinners with family, on the bench in the park with friends and neighbours or with fellow travellers on the train. 

But what if you don’t want to get out looking for companions to play Andar Bahar online? There is a solution! Go to your favourite online casino, open the Live Casino game section and click Play Andar Bahar live game.

Thus, you no longer have to seek for other players to join the game when you want to play right here, right now.

Despite its Indian roots, online Andar Bahar casino game has become one of most-played gambling around the world thanks to the latest Internet technologies.

Even though initially, this game is played with no money bets, there are many online gambling solutions such as Andar Bahar live game offering to spice up the gameplay of your favourite game.

Different Names of Andar Bahar Game

Like many games of chance, Andar Bahar is known under different names. This is because the game is popular entertainment in different parts of India. For example, people from Southern India call it Maang Patta. 

The locals of the state of Karnataka have been calling this game as Katti; however, it is now the same game to be precise. Also, the Andar Bahar casino game appears as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae, where Ullae goes for Andar and Veliyae – Bahar.

However, Andar Bahar is the international name known in the different countries of the world. So, if you are an online player, you would better search Andar Bahar in your browser or visit BetJungle and find it in the first place on the Live Casino games page.

Know Andar Bahar Terms     

Each gambling operates specific terms relating to the gameplay. If you have never played Andar Bahar before, there are four terms you must get acquainted with before trying Andar Bahar game to play online:

  • Andar – From Hindi ‘Inside’. The reserved boxes along the top of the table.
  • Bahar – From Hindi ‘Outside’. The reserved boxes along the bottom of the table.
  • Joker – The first card picked from the deck and placed in the special box on the table. The first dealt card that matches the face value of Joker wins.
  • Sidebets – These are individual bets that can be made in addition to the main game betting or separately.

What Are the Rules of Andar Bahar Cash Game

Andar Bahar is an uncomplicated yet all-absorbing card game with 50/50 odds. There are two opponents: you and the Dealer. You don’t need to think ahead or use any strategies to win the game. All you need to do is to watch and bet. 

Your goal is to predict which side a Joker card will land – on Andar or Bahar. The Andar Bahar online game begins when the Dealer starts dealing a single card to each side – first always on Bahar and on Andar after.

And then on Bahar and Andar again and so on until a card with the same face of any suit will be drawn on one of the sides.

At the start of the round, the Dealer lays down a card on the Joker place face-up. And then he or she begins to deal cards on the Andar and Bahar sides.

As soon as a card with the same face value as the Joker appears anywhere, the round ends. However, before that, you need to place your bet. If the card is dealt on your side first, you win, and the round ends. 

Payout Details 

These are rewards that you should expect as a winner in Andar Bahar casino. In the teeth of correctly predicted winning sides, your prize actually depends on other criteria – the first card. If the drawing card lays down on the Bahar side where the first card is always dealt, you get 90% of the bet. Conversely, if the card appears on the Andar side, then your payout rate is 100%.

Strategies, Tips and Tricks   

Unlike Poker or Teen Patti, the Andar Bahar card game online does not require any special skills such as counting. That’s because the game totally depends on chance. And there is almost no possibility to look ahead using some winning strategy. All the cheating tricks and devices promoted on the Internet are usually just baits. So, we would not recommend making use of them.

However, there are some legit pieces of advice that you can find as useful:

Martingale strategy

As you know, the Andar Bahar game offers 50/50 chances to win where you need to predict the side – Andar or Bahar. Following the Martingale plan, you should double down on the bet every time you lose. 

Learn the rules by heart

Even though Andar Bahar is a chance game, there is no chance for you to know for sure where the matching card lands. When you know the fundamentals of the game, you are confident and can entirely focus on the process and place bets wisely.

Control your balance

Andar Bahar online cash game is a fast-paced game that may absorb your attention. So, keep track of your wagers and play smart. 

By following these small hints, you can become a good Andar Bahar gamer and transparent player. Just play responsibly, control your bankroll and the gameplay.  

How to Play Andar Bahar Live

Playing Andar Bahar online on BetJungle is as easy as a walk in the park. First of all, you have to sign up or access your player account on your favourite online casino site.

Live Dealer Format

In present years, Andar Bahar or Katti games have been showing up in more lavish places, such as the off-shore casinos in Goa. However, by the aid of gaming software developers, you can also play Andar Bahar live online from any part of India with a real dealer.

Particularly this game is live-streamed 24/7 from the studios around the globe. Moreover, an unlimited number of players can play the Andar Bahar online cash game at the same time, which excludes the need to wait for a free seat.

In addition, Andar Bahar is hosted by pleasant and professional live dealers whose aim is to make everything possible for you to enjoy this wonderful game. They are some of the best in the industry and know how to conduct the perfect game every time.

If you are satisfied with the live host, you can even tip her or him, thanking for a beautiful performance. And one more important thing is that Andar Bahar is a fully legitimate game certified by official gaming regulators.

Checklist for Playing Andar Bahar Live

  • Click the green Register button usually located in the upper corners.
  • Complete your profile filling in true information about yourself, such as your name, date of birth, email address, and other fields. This is needed to verify your profile so that you can get your no-deposit bonus and withdraw your winnings.
  • Then go to the homepage or live casino page where you can find the Andar Bahar game, or simply use the search bar.
  • As soon as the game launches, you can have a look at the popup window with general information and rules of live Andar Bahar. Click OK, and you are in the game.
  • Before making a bet, we suggest you explore the interface, its in-game options. All the info about the game you will find by clicking on the burger menu in the top right corner on the gaming screen.
  • To start a game, you need to wait until a new betting round begins. The new series is announced by a live dealer as soon as the previous one ends, the cards are shuffled, and the Joker is selected for the next round.
  • To join the new round, select the bet size ranging from 50 INR up to 50,000 INR and place it on the Andar or Bahar side. Please mind that time for placing a bet is limited.
  • Also, you have an option to place a side bet which may increase your win up to x120. In simple words, playing a side bet, you predict how many cards will be dealt until the Joker appears on the table.
  • Once you see the sign no more bets, the Dealer starts to deal the cards one-by-one on Andar and Bahar sides until the Joker card appears on one of the sides. 
  • In the basic game, if the Andar side wins it pays you 2x your bet; if Bahar – 1.9x the stake.

What are Side Bets

Andar pays out 90% of the winning bet and Bahar – 100%, you can also try your luck on 8 side bets.

Namely, you bet on how many cards will be dealt before the host deals the Joker card. The side bets box is located in the lower right corner in the gaming screen.  

  • 6-10 cards – x4.5
  • 11-15 cards – x5.5
  • 16-25 cards – x4.5
  • 26-30 cards – x15
  • 31-35 cards – x25
  • 36-40 cards – x50
  • 41 or more cards – x120

For example, if you believe that the number of cards that will be dealt in the first five cards, you should place a side bet on 1-5 cards with the odds 3 to 1. And if the cards of the same face value as the Joker will be drawn within the first five cards, then you win 3 times your bet.

You can place side bets without wagering on Andar or Bahar main bets. Anyway, it is still possible to put both, thus enhancing your odds in several times.

Where to play Andar Bahar for Real Money

With the introduction of live online Andar Bahar, you can test your luck at any online casino.

But before starting to play, make sure you use a licensed online casino. Check it has all required permissions, honest rules and generous welcome bonuses to help you start your gaming experience on a high note.

Gambling Geeks will be picking up the best online casinos for you while you’re playing your favourite games!

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