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Online Casino Bonuses, Offers, and Promotions

Online casinos thrive on Internet traffic and are always coming up with new ways of encouraging more and more participation for their offerings. As you begin your gambling journey online, you’ll be flooded with promotional offers and online casino bonuses that promise to make your experience more rewarding. 

However, your way of availing of these bonuses might be fraught with complexities, and in worst cases, you might be cheated by fraudulent schemes. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where certain offers have caught your attention but you cannot make sense of the terms and conditions they enlist. You might find yourself wondering whether this is even legitimate or not!

We, Gambling Geeks, know how challenging this experience might be but don’t fret any longer! Our experts have come to your rescue and curated a concise guide on online casino bonuses and promotions. So read on and learn more! 

What are Online Casino Bonuses?

Online casino bonuses refer to a diverse group of promotional offerings hosted by online casinos and may include cashbacks, additional game features (free spins), monetary deposits, prizes, and giveaways. These are used primarily to encourage more and more gambling enthusiasts to engage with online gambling activities. These bonuses vary from one casino to another, so you should always compare your options for more insight! 

Before we go on to the most popular types of casino bonuses, let’s help you with a four-point formula that’ll help you make better choices when it comes to choosing online casino bonuses:

  • Game type / Slot machine: Most popular slot machines are hosted by multiple online casinos. So first decide which game you would like to play and check out casinos that offer it. Sometimes the game developer’s website might have reliable leads and information on specific bonus offers associated with that game.
  • The legitimacy of the online casino: Now that you’ve found multiple online casinos that are waiting to welcome you with lucrative promotional offers, go and check the license information. There are gambling authorities such as the Gambling Commission, International Betting Integrity Association, etc. which keep the integrity of these platforms by conducting regular quality checks. This licensing information ensures the safety and security of this platform and its offerings! 
  • Terms and conditions of the bonus: This is the most important thumb-rule in this context. Make sure you read and understand all clauses of the bonus you are eyeing.  Moreover, check the wagering requirement, specifically. This refers to the amount of money you’ll have to bet on to be able to avail this bonus feature. Also check on what games this bonus feature holds value, and whether it is available only for a limited period or not. 
  • Payment: You should have a sound sense of the funds you have at your disposal and the payment methods you’ll be using for your gambling experience. Sometimes, online casino bonuses are specific to certain payment gateways. Ask yourself whether you’re using that or not. Moreover, also check whether you can actually afford this experience. Gambling can be harmful, addictive, and can lead to serious wealth-drain if not performed with discretion, deliberation, and with a sense of responsibility. 

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos may be diverse in their offerings but remember there are certain prototypes of features that are available across casinos.  Here’s our list of bonuses that are commonly found on online casinos: 

No-deposit bonus

One of the most popular types of bonuses offered by online casinos includes the No-deposit bonus where you can try a game and its features without depositing an amount after signing up for a particular casino. This bonus can be offered in the form of real cash you can use to play rounds or you can take your shot at the game by receiving free spins. 

A key aspect of such bonuses is that they have to be available within a limited period of time and might be applicable for a select range of games. However, you can also find these bonuses as part of certain games when you’ve reached a certain level or won a certain amount. 

So PLEASE read the terms and conditions carefully of not only the casino you are choosing but also the specific game rules!

Welcome bonus

Almost on all online casinos, you’ll find welcome bonuses greeting your eyes. This is basically made available to you when you’re signing up with an online casino and can be applied to a wide range of slot machines or a certain online casino game of your choice. You can either win free spins that’ll allow you to bet without putting any money at stake or you can win cash in your gambling account that’ll help you bet during the game around. 

However remember, it’ll not be always easy to withdraw this money immediately and will have to play for a while and meet a gaming criterion to be able to use it. Please note that welcome bonuses usually have simpler wagering requirements!  However welcome bonuses usually have to be availed within a limited period of time and so having a clear understanding of these gambling terms and conditions is necessary. 

Since most slot machines are available on various online casinos, you can easily compare and contrast wagering requirements and related facets of welcome bonuses to find the most profitable deal. While you’re at it, also check whether you have to use some specific payment method to avail of this bonus or not. If so, evaluate how comfortable you are with this method of payment: Do you have the necessary credentials? Have you used it before?

In short, be thorough with these nuances and have a healthy start to your gambling journey. 

Periodical promotions

Online casinos just know how to keep you engaged with their offerings. You’ll find a variety of offers in several casinos once you officially sign-up with them! They’ll offer you occasional deposit bonuses (depends on your bet history); special cashbacks and free spins offer during festive seasons and from time-to-time organize gambling tournaments involving popular online sports that draw the most number of customers to their platforms. 

During special sports seasons like a cricket tournament or football tournaments, these online casinos host leaderboards describing the minute-to-minute updates of these games and offer lucrative betting opportunities on these activities. These gambling endeavors not only benefit them and these gamers but also contribute to the visibility and thrill of these events by encouraging more and more people to engage with them. 

Loyalty Bonuses 

Several online casinos in order to retain their clients have elaborate schemes in place. They wish to keep attracting your attention and in more ways than one want to reward this loyal relationship they believe you’ve formed with them. These Loyalty bonuses are mostly meted out on a monthly basis and are focused on your gaming preferences. You can receive prizes via mail at your registered address or win real cash for your frequent gaming endeavors. 

Moreover, these loyalty bonuses might also be offered on a promotional basis to get more and more people to sign up for their loyalty VIP schemes which then helps you gain VIP reward points and makes your gambling experience more thrilling! 

High roller bonuses

If you’re a gambler who likes playing it big and makes sumptuous deposits, you are entitled to what gambling vocabulary describes as “high roll bonuses”. This rewards dedicated gamblers with exclusive bonuses that not only add to their payroll but also contribute to a more enhanced gaming experience for these players by unlocking special game features. 

It pays homage to your long and frequent association with the online casino and is attentive to your dislikes and likes – meaning you’ll be supported with better customer service and a more personalized range of games to choose from. You can even win exciting prizes, and if you’re fortunate you can land up with an opportunity to travel somewhere! ’Tis true, money does speak, after all! 

Game-specific bonuses

As part of their promotion drives for feature games, several online casinos offer bonuses (such as additional free spins, reward points, or some cashback awards)  that are specific to that particular set of games. They may be in the form of free spins, reward points that add to your loyalty membership or you might win exciting cashbacks! However, always remember to check the terms and conditions that are applicable in this regard because often you’ll have to meet certain wagering requirements to use these features. 


Some casinos like playing it cool and as a tool for marketing and promotions design giveaway opportunities to attract gamers. These giveaways can range from receiving gifts such as electronic gadgets, other products, or trips to places. Some casinos also invest in monetary awards as part of their giveaway treats. However please check the legibility of the online casino before availing of these giveaway schemes as sometimes you might get embroiled in risky dealings!

Social Media Free Bonuses 

Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram have always become an integral part of our lives these days, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns that confined us to our homes and encouraged us to use digital media for communication and entertainment. A lot of online casinos use social media platforms to attract players by offering promotional bonuses that involve certain advantages during the game or during the sign-up process if it is done through that specific social media channel. 

However, always double-check the URL because, in this era of fake news, a lot of corrupt organizations and hackers might steal your profile data for malicious motives. So please be careful! 

Device-Specific Bonuses 

Recent surveys show that online casinos are receiving more and more participation via mobile phones, tablets, and iPads. The recent influx of mobile e-wallets is adding to this phenomenon and thus a lot of gamblers are finding it easier to gamble using their mobile devices. In tune with these evolving scenarios online casinos and game developers are working hard and developing mobile-compatible versions of their games and as part of their promotional activities have specific bonuses designed to cater to players who use these devices. 

So if you download a casino app from your application store, you might be lucky enough to win some bonuses. They can be additional game features like free spins or some deposit rewards that’ll be added to your mobile wallet. Some casinos have taken a step further and have different incentives for different operating systems like Android, iOs, etc.

How to Calculate Your Bonus

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced gambler, calculating your casino bonuses can be daunting. So let us break it down for you and make it a bit simple:

Understand “bonus percentage”: This refers to the percentage of your deposit which you will receive as bonus cash during your gambling endeavors. The bonus percentage range observed usually in online casinos is from 50% to 200% 

The “Up to” trick: This phrase exists in most promotional offers and when succeeded by a bonus percentage refers to the maximum percentage of bonus funds you’ll receive when being awarded a bonus for making a deposit.

Example: 100% First Deposit Bonus up to $300

You deposit 50$ + you get 50$ bonus = 100$ that you can spend on games at the casino

You deposit 500$ + you get 300$ bonus = 800$ that you can spend on games at the casino

 Don’t Forget about Bonus Wager

A bonus wager refers to a credit amount that you’ll have to bet upon to be able to avail of a certain bonus and convert it to real money. Always remember to compare between online casinos because wagering requirements like the nature of bonuses isn’t exactly the same across these platforms. Remember these online casinos are competitors and while they aim to please and make your gambling experience thrilling, they also have to keep their business rolling. So setting wagering requirements while issuing promotional offers and bonuses forms an integral part of this online market system. A lot of gamblers sometimes are not intuitive while reading these wagering terms and conditions but trust us, you’d really want to avoid doing this. You need to have enough money for gambling and shouldn’t be on the verge of bankruptcy or spending amounts that are crucial for your daily necessities. Keeping a track of wagering requirements helps you evaluate your financial situation whether and also helps you assess how profitable the bonus at hand actually is! So be a responsible player. 

Always Learn Casino Bonus Terms

We have mentioned this before and are mentioning this again – READ ALL terms and conditions of the online casino you are signing up for. Check for the online casino’s legitimacy by checking the license information, look at the wagering requirements specific to the bonus, and understand the deposit rules that apply to your situation! 

Happy responsible gambling fellas!