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Online Casino Reviews by Gambling Geeks

It is almost second nature for any player looking for a new online casino to try and find the best casino out there. It is too easy to become biased without taking a look at the other available casino options. They might have very different features, unique to them. For example, many players get all excited because they see a big welcome bonus and a huge selection of games. But, there may be other options out there that promise some pretty similar things. How to choose an option here? The online casino reviews from Gambling Geeks guide you in finding the best online casino for you.

Finding your online casino is not a difficult task with Gambling Geeks. Our casino site reviews are a great place to start your casino hunt. Check out our list of best casinos to find the ideal gaming hub that offers you all the benefits. A big welcome bonus, a huge collection of games, progressive bonus, and VIP schemes. Apart from reliable and secure software and banking options. 

Before posting casino reviews, our experts go through rigorous scrutiny of the casinos. We do this, so you get the best gambling experience ever. 

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, get ready to enter into the world of online casinos with Gambling Geeks. 

Our Online Casino Review criteria

We aim to offer enthusiast gamblers with top-notch casinos. A good amount of research goes into finding the casino that meets all the criteria. This is important because casinos try to lure in players by boosting one criteria. The best casinos have a good mix of features, providing a rich experience to the players. We dive into the entry-level and enthusiast options from popular online casinos, to see what each one brings to the market. 

Be it a big casino or a small one, our think-tank is thorough with the process and all casino site reviews are independent without any bias and are rated on the basis on the following criteria:

Trust & Fairness

  • Licenses. Security of your money and your personal information is one of the most important criteria for our reviews. Our experts check for legal licenses, regulations for fairness, and strong data encryption. This is to ensure that your money & personal data is safe and secure. 
  • Certifications. Lack of good documentation can be a sign of lesser safety. Hence, our experts make sure that all the required certifications are in place. Trust and fairness have high weightage in our rating system for casinos.

Games & Software

  • Casino Platform. Games should be run using the most trusted software platforms with all the necessary software licenses in place. Software platforms often make a big impact on the overall gameplay.
  • Licensed software. The games must be run on licensed software from reputed providers. This is to ensure that there is no foul play.  
  • Range of games. We always check for casinos which offer a huge variety of high quality and fun to play games. Some casinos offer both instant play and an option to download games. This makes it convenient for different types of players. 
  • RTP. If the return-to-player (RTP) is high, it shows that the casino is fair. A clearly displayed high % RTP on the casino’s site means players will get a decent pay-out when they win.

Bonuses & Promotions

  • Welcome Bonus. Welcome bonus is a gift that you receive from online casinos to try out their site. Some bonuses are free. While others need you to make an initial deposit and then you get a bonus on top of it.
  • Bonus Terms. Bonus T&C can make or break a deal. We ensure that the T&C are as per standards. A big bonus is great but we should also consider their bonus wagering requirements.
  • Other Bonuses. Everything from jackpots, regular promotions, and VIP schemes are considered in the rating process. You have to reach certain stages at the games to claim these winnings. Easy claims, regular promotions, and VIP schemes for loyal players are always welcome!
  • Tournaments. Tournaments are always exciting. Players compete by playing various games. It can be a “heads-up” tournament where 2 players play. Big tournaments have a large group of players. In the end, winners of the tournament get huge rewards based on the elimination process.

Customer Support

  • Availability. Success in the online casino world comes down to understanding the customers. Customer support options include 24×7 live chat support, email support, or telephone support.  Even if live chat isn’t available 24×7, it’s about letting customers know when they’re available. Also, informing on how to contact them when chat support isn’t available. 
  • Language. Players support in all major and regional languages is a big plus. In case of any issues, the resolution must be quick. This makes it a lot easier for players from different regions to communicate with them. 
  • Helpfulness. Casinos that understand their customers, what they like, and what they struggle with. Find themselves miles ahead of their competitors. That’s where the role of helpful customer support comes into play. It’s quite frustrating when a player tries to contact customer support and there’s no response. A quick resolution of issues shows that the casino cares for its customers. Our expert checks for these things beforehand so you know there will be support if you ever need it.


  • Security. A wide range of secure banking options are a must. The process of depositing and withdrawing from the online casino should be just as smooth as possible. Our recommended online casino accepts all major credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Other banking options include net banking, e-wallets such as PayPal, Paytm, and Google Pay etc. Our experts test these games with real money to ensure the security and smoothness are at par with our standards. 
  • Processing time. Nobody likes to wait for a long time to get the winnings into their banks. When we look for banking options we make sure there’s complete transparency in the process. And when it comes to processing time it has to be quick and it should take less than 24hrs to make transfers.
  • Fees. When it comes to transfer fees, the lower one is always better. This enables players to make transfers without having to worry about the transfer fees.


  • Mobile version. Have you ever run across a wall of text that’s either too big or too small to read on your mobile device? Such webpages are not mobile optimized. With the popularity of mobile gaming increasing every day. We need online casinos that are compatible with smartphones. A mobile-friendly browsing site has become a must, with more and more people using smartphones. 
  • App. An app makes it very convenient for players. A simple interface that runs games smoothly without glitches is good enough. A downloadable app that gets regular updates and runs on both Android & iOS platforms is desirable.
  • Design. Buggy apps are annoying and can be irritating. A smooth-running app with good user experience design enhances the player’s experience. Sometimes little details like these matter a lot and could get players into liking the casinos.

How to Make a Brief Online Casino Review Yourself

Want to know the secret sauce for making casino site reviews yourself? 

Well, if you wish to do your own research and find your own perfect match. Here is a guide for making brief casino reviews. It contains a step-by-step procedure that includes all the important parameters you should check out before making a review. Read on and discover the process, so you can make brief internet casino reviews all by yourself.


Research is paramount. You can start by reading a few online casino reviews on our site. You will get a good idea of what to look out for when creating your own reviews. When you’re starting out to make reviews avoid any dangerous or rigged sites. You can check out our blacklisted sites page and try to avoid these sites. 

We encourage you to learn about the types of online casinos, the games they offer, and the platform they run on. Then understand their security features, user interface, customer support, and banking options. Bonus offered by them and their terms and conditions are also important. Check out for fairness of the games by looking for %RTP on casino sites. Then you can make a list of the online casinos that match your criteria.

Check Availability in Your Country

It’s important to know if the online casino is available in your country. Because online casinos accept players only from countries where they provide their services. If you are playing with a casino that’s not available in your country, you might not support when needed. Contact customer care before joining if you’re unsure. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and could lead to some issues in the future.

Check Payment Options and Pay-out Speed

Imagine you won a jackpot and then you had to wait for weeks to get your claim. Sounds frustrating, doesn’t it? 

Look for casinos that have faster pay-outs, typically within 24hrs.

Check out the payment options available on their sites, and see if you are comfortable with them. Having a range of payment options reduces dependence on an option and is always good. 

Try Demo Games

Well, not every step is boring. This one is particularly interesting, it’s demo time! 

This is where you get hands-on experience of the games. Once you try out demo games, you’ll be able better understand the gameplay and game mechanics. 

We always insist that you try out as many games as you can. So you get to know and compare the user interface, graphics, and various features of the games. This experience will definitely boost your confidence while reviewing casinos.

Learn About Bonus T&C

Forget the bonus for a moment and focus on the big picture in small fonts ‘T&C’. They make more successful gamblers.

Don’t miss this one: bonus T&C is often neglected by users and it ends up upsetting them. Make sure you understand exactly how the bonus system works. Be thorough with it, before putting real money into the casino. Big bonuses are very good to give you an initial boost. But you should understand about the bonus wagering requirements. You might have to play up to a certain point to claim your winnings. It’s always better to know all these requirements before you make a casino review yourself.

Why you should read Online Casino Reviews by Gambling Geeks

Confused by all the technical talk and just want to know if the casino is good? 

Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about the best casinos sites.

Doing your own research and making online casino reviews yourself can be a daunting task. Moreover, you may miss something important that should have been considered. It’s always better to get an expert view before choosing your casino. Gambling Geeks does this job for you, with our dedicated team of experts. So you can save your time on reviewing casinos so you can spend it on playing instead.

If you are looking for new online casinos in India and other Asian countries. Or you want to move from the physical casinos to online casinos. Online casinos are great because you can gamble in the comfort and privacy of your home. With data-driven research and vast user experience our online gambling community. We review & rate the casinos, so you get to play on the best casinos that are available online. Gambling Geeks is on a mission to match enthusiastic gamblers with the best casinos.

  • We aim to make players more money by increasing their odds of winning   
  • We help save your time on research by providing 100% independent & unbiased reviews   
  • Help you find the best casinos with our verified internet casino reviews  
  • Increase your confidence by collective experience of Gambling Geeks community  
  • Provide the latest updates about your favourite online casinos   
  • We strive to make your gambling experience better by data-driven research  
  • We specialize in online casinos available in India and other Asian countries.    
  • Help you avoid pitfalls by blacklisting casinos that are malicious

Report an Online Casino

Find something fishy?

By sharing your experiences and reporting any issues, you can help improve our community experience. By contributing to the Gambling Geeks community you make it stronger and help out fellow players. Your experience means everything to us. When you report an issue, our experts will investigate it and blacklist the casino if it’s faulty.

You can contribute to the Gambling Geeks community by sharing your gambling experiences. If you are facing an issue, we highly encourage you to report to the casino.Just fill out the details in our contact form.

Request an Online Casino Review

Can’t find the casino you were looking for in our casino reviews? If you have found a casino that is not in our casino site reviews that you like or you own an online casino and would like to get it listed on our site.

Here’s how it works. Name the casino you want to get reviewed and share a link to their webpage. Also mention if you have any concerns in particular. Our team of experts will go through it, check all criteria, and post an independent review for the casino. You’ll get notified via email as soon as the review for your requested casino gets posted. Plus it’s free of cost.

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