What is Responsible Gambling and How to Stay Safe?

What is Responsible Gambling and how to stay safe while playing casino games? Learn how to keep your gambling safe and fun with the low-risk strategies by Gambling Geeks.

Whether placing a bet on the outcome of a football match or playing a game of chance in a casino, gambling has become an activity that is popular in almost all countries of the world. It is also among the very few things that can make one rich suddenly. However, it has equally destroyed many lives, many homes, and many societies. As much as many people had won millions from gambling overnight, so had many lost their life savings from it.

Therefore, to ensure the integrity of the gambling industry, the stakeholders, government, and private organisations had established a social code called responsible gambling. What is it all about, and how is it bringing sanity to gambling?

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    What is Responsible Gambling?

    Responsible gambling is a code of conduct established by the gambling industry to prevent gambling addiction, underage gambling, illegal activities associated with gambling, and gambling operators’ malpractices. The code covers the following areas:

    • Gambling addiction
    • Money laundering through gambling
    • Underage gambling
    • Fair gaming
    • Gambling Ethics

    Among these areas, gambling addiction has been the one generating the greatest concern.

    What does it Mean to be Addicted to Gambling?

    Just as one can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, or any other bad habit, so can one be addicted to gambling. Gambling addiction occurs when the gambler loses the ability to control the resources he put into gambling. It is the peak of problem gambling. The resources considered in this case include the money, the time, and the emotion put into gambling. Gambling act is described as problem gambling if it is affecting the gambler negatively, yet the gambler was unable to stop.

    A gambling addict spends the money he could not afford to lose on gambling, he spends the time that is not part of his free time gambling and keeps on chasing his losses even when it was obvious that he will lose more.

    Gambling addiction is a medical condition as it involves the action of the brain, and an addict should seek a professional opinion. Responsible gambling tries to set standards that will help prevent gambling addiction and assist gamblers to gamble responsibly.

    How to Gamble Responsibly

    To a gambler, responsible gambling is the opposite of problem gambling. It means you are in control of your game and your gambling activities do not have any negative impact on your life, be it financial life, social life, secular job, or any other daily activities.

    To ensure you gamble responsible, you should ensure the following actions:

    • Never consider gambling as a way of getting rich, but a way of catching fun
    • Don’t play with money you cannot afford to lose
    • Don’t spend your productive time gambling
    • Set aside the maximum money to spend on gambling as well as the maximum time
    • Use casino gambling self-limitation options if it has one
    • Consider every loss gone, do not try to recover it
    • Don’t put too much emotion into gambling
    • Evaluate yourself regularly to be sure you are not getting addicted

    Signs You Have Gambling Problems 

    Watch out for the following signs to evaluate yourself whether you have gambling problems or not You are spending too much time on gambling to the extent that it is affecting your other activities.

    • You are spending money meant for other things on gambling
    • Sometimes, you borrow money to gamble
    • Your family and friends are complaining about your gambling behavior 
    • You are hoping on the money you will win on gambling for your finances
    • Gambling is taking over your emotion
    • You are anxiously waiting for the next time you will have a chance to gamble
    • You wish to stop but find it difficult to stop

    If you exhibit any of these signs, then it is time to take more precautions.

    Precautions to Take if You Are Getting Addicted

    • Set A Deposit Limit

    Many gambling sites allow you to set a limit on the amount you can deposit in a day, a week, or a month.

    • Go on Self Exclusion

    The self-exclusion option is also available on many gambling websites. You can decide to stop gambling over a certain period

    • Close your Gambling Account

    This is a strict option but very effective. You can close your account and inform your gambling site not to send you promotional offers again.

    • Speak to an expert

    Many professional bodies provide support for people suffering from gambling addiction. You can seek help from anyone close to you.

    • Seek Rehabilitation Program

    A rehabilitation program may not be necessary except if you are fully addicted and the condition has become very bad. In that case, you may go to a facility that offers treatment to addicts. You can attend as an in-patient or an out-patient depending on your schedule, budget, and preference. The program will offer several counseling sections, therapies, medical evaluations, and treatments.

    Organizations That Provide Help For Gambling Addicts

    Today many organizations are assisting people that are suffering from gambling addiction. There are also many support groups where members help one another and share testimonies of how they overcome their addiction. These organizations are available online and you can also visit their physical address. If you don’t know anyone around you, then you can search for “Organizations That Provide Help For Gambling Addicts near me” on Google and other search engines.

    Software that Can Help You with Responsible Gambling

    As technology is improving the gambling industry is not left behind. Today, there is much software that can be used to promote responsible gambling and fight against gambling addiction. The software can help you monitor the time you spend gambling. When installed on your computer, it can notify you when you spend too much time on a gambling site. You can also set the time you will be allowed to gamble and the time the software will block access. You can also use software to enforce self-exclusion. The program will block all gambling sites from loading on your computer.

    Some software will not only limit your access to gambling sites but will also keep records of the number of times you are trying to access the site, hence you can use them to monitor your progress.

    The software can, as well, be used to prevent underage gambling. Parents can use software to prevent their children from visiting gambling sites on the family computer.

    You can search for the software on Google and other search engines by typing “Software that can stop gambling addiction.”

    How to Identify Gambling Sites That Promote Responsible Gambling

    It is also essential that your favorite gambling site is committed to responsible gambling. It will be dangerous for you if the site puts its business first before your welfare. Therefore, before you register with a website, scrutinize its policy to ensure it promotes responsible gambling. The following features must be watched out for:

    • The gambling company must be registered under a well-regulated jurisdiction
    • It must allow you to set a deposit limit
    • There must be a self-exclusion option
    • It must not accept underage players
    • The website must set a reasonable maximum deposit
    • Must have links to bodies providing support for responsible gambling
    • It must encourage players to gamble responsibly
    • The site must insist on identity verification and KYC documents.

    Laws and Policies on Responsible Gambling

    As individuals need to avoid irresponsible gambling, the government also has to enforce responsible gambling. There are many legislations today to ensure the integrity of the gambling industry is protected. In many countries. There is a limit to the amount of deposit that can be made to a gambling company. The age limit and the KYC documents are also ways the government is trying to protect the citizens from irresponsible gambling. Some countries mandate gambling companies to educate their players on responsible gambling, and phrases and statements that encourage responsible gambling must be included in all gambling advertisements in many countries.

     Among the important controls established by the government of many nations are:

    • Underage Gambling

    The law in many countries does not allow anybody under the age of 18 to gamble. To enforce this, gambling operators are required to insist on Know Your Client (KYC) documents, which will include government-issued ID. With this, the true age of their players can be ascertained and underage players will not be allowed to register a gambling account.

    • Anti-laundering Policies

    To ensure gambling is not used for money laundering, the law in many countries require gambling operators to only pay winnings from gambling back to the same account through which the deposit was made.

    • Fair Gaming and Ethics

    Many countries where gambling is permitted have a dedicated body that is regulating the activities of gambling operators. Also, many independent organizations are dedicated to testing games and systems of gambling operators for fairness. There are also websites where wrong acts of gambling operators can be reported and create awareness for the public.

    • Banking Policies

    For gamblers who want to go on self-exclusion but are finding it difficult, some banks now have the policy to assist them. An individual can request his credit or debit card to be blocked from making payment to gambling sites.

    • Accreditation and Awards

    There are private organizations that accredit gambling companies and stakeholders in the gambling industry that are doing enough to support responsible gambling. Some organizations also recognize efforts on responsible gambling by giving awards to gambling companies and gambling solution providers that are supporting responsible gambling.

    When Someone You Love is Addicted

    You may not have a gambling problem, but someone you love might do. How can you help him?

    • Have a Discussion With Him

    The first step to help anybody overcome his problem is to discuss it with him. Look for a convenient time, sit down with him, and offer him advice on how to stop gambling or reduce it such that it won’t affect the quality of his life. Educate him on the impact of his behavior on his life and probably on his loved ones.

    • Avoid Assisting Him to Gamble

    Your friend might be requesting a loan from you to gamble. Never grant it. Some addicts may also want to sell their properties to gamble. No matter how good a deal it is or how much you need the property, you will be assisting your friend by not buying his property and not helping him to sell.

    • Inform His Gambling Site

    You can call or send an email to the site with which your loved one is gambling. If the website supports responsible gambling, it will investigate your friend’s activities and offer assistance.

    • Report Him to Support Organizations

    Many organizations can assist your loved one to overcome his addiction. If he refused to seek help voluntarily, you can report him to one of the organizations and give them information about how to contact him. As experts, they know how to reach and professionally offer assistance.


    Responsible gambling aims at promoting the integrity of the gambling industry. It includes actions and policies that prevent gambling addiction, underage gambling, money laundering using gambling accounts, and illegal acts of gambling operators. To gamble responsibly, a gambler must consider gambling as fun and not as a business. He must not spend the money he cannot afford to lose on gambling, and must not spend his productive time on it.

    However, if a gambler realizes he is getting addicted, he can set a deposit limit on his account, or go on self-exclusion for a particular period. He can also close his gambling account. There is also much software that can be used to ensure gambling restriction. A gambling addict can get help from different organizations that provide support for problem gamblers. If your loved one is suffering from a gambling addiction but refused to seek help you can convince him to go for help or report him to a support organization.

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