Online Casino Payment Methods

Gambling Geeks review of the most popular online casino payment methods: transaction limits, fees, brief description.

Why do we gamble? To win money of course! This means that the payment process is swift, smooth, secure, and hassle-free is of prime importance. It doesn’t matter how good the online casino is, how much fun you have while playing, or how many winning combos you land, until and unless the money is deposited in your account, it all means nothing. There are countless online casino payment methods available nowadays as the entire financial world takes to the internet. All these casino deposit methods have their own set of pros and cons, which Gambling Geeks have described in detail for you below!

The Best Online Casino Payment Methods for Deposit and Withdrawal

Following are some of the best methods for conducting your transactions on online casinos:

Bank Wire Transfer

Online Casino Payment Methods - Bank Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are a tried and tested way of making deposits or withdrawals online. It is a type of transfer made between banks or other transfer agencies. The time taken to complete these transactions is generally 2-3 days. It can take much less time too if the two parties are from the same bank. This method is usually more suitable for conducting transactions for larger amounts especially since there is a fee involved to avail of this service. Although this is very safe and reliable, you may want to stick to other methods for small transactions. 

List of casinos with Bank Wire Transfer →


Online Casino Payment Methods - Visa, Mastercard, Maestro

These are some of the most popular methods when it comes to making payments online in general. Virtually all casinos will provide you the facility making transactions with at least one of these methods on their website. Visa is 100% safe and is widely used all across the world. They also provide the electron card facility which even eliminates the transaction fee and is extremely easy to replace in case of a loss or damage. 

Mastercard and Maestro are also two stalwarts in the online finance industry, so it’s no surprise that they are also as widespread as they are. However, owing to responsible gambling regulations, credit cards are no longer accepted by casinos in the UK. Overall, these are some of the best online casino payment options there are.

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Online Casino Payment Methods - PayPal

PayPal is accepted by many of the biggest casinos is a completely safe and secure method of making online payments and deposits. It also has the added advantage of being very easy to use and the transactions being extremely fast. You will simply need to ensure that it is connected to an actual bank account. This method is usually quicker than using debit cards too, which is why a lot of the younger generations prefer this. 

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Online Casino Payment Methods - Neteller

This is yet another fantastic e-payment method widely used nowadays. Being very safe and allowing for highly quick transactions, it has quickly become one of the best casino online payment methods. Transactions are very easy to navigate and complete while brilliant features like the Net+ card make things even smoother for you. You can also transfer the money to your own account using Neteller if you so choose. Neteller is a part of the group of services provided by the PaySafe group. 

List of casinos with Neteller →


Online Casino Payment Methods - Skrill

Skrill is an e-wallet system that found itself to be established in the year 2001 in the country of the United Kingdom. It was initially known as Moneybookers. When it comes to financial services, this particular payment system offers a great range of services to gamblers online. There is a wide range of benefits when it comes to using Skrill at an online casino. This includes features like wide acceptance, the privacy of financial details, excellent customer support, and bonus offers from the casino.

List of casinos with Skrill →

PaySafe Card 

Online Casino Payment Methods - Paysafe Card

PaySafe Card is another popular name in the sphere of secure casino deposit modes. This is a prepaid card that allows people to top it up with the balance. This credit can be used at an online casino all across the UK and Europe. European casinos, therefore, allow this as a payment method online. Combined with vouchers with a 16 digit-PIN code, this prepaid card lets you secure the deposits to the casino. Currently, PaySafeCard is a name under the brand of Skrill.

List of casinos with PaySafe Card →


Online Casino Payment Methods - Ecopayz

EcoPayz is one name that gamblers will find across a number of online casinos. The security it offers over online transactions is unparalleled. There are account levels to EcoPayz cards – classic, silver, gold, platinum, and VIP. Gamblers online can make use of this payment method as an eWallet as well as a prepaid debit card. The prepaid debit card EcoCard can be used to make payments only if the online casino allows the payment mode. Signing up with this service to make an ecoAccount is entirely free.

List of casinos with EcoPayz →


AstroPay Review

AstroPay is an online payment service that works on the prepayment principle of online payments. AstroPay is easily one of the fastest-growing payment methods in the UK. The most interesting part of this service is that the deposits are immediate and can be kept anonymous at will. AstroPay allows deposits of a large variety of currencies throughout Asia, Europe, and America. A total of 12 countries make use of the benefits such as no fee for deposits, security via TLS encryption, and Player Protection via discrete payments of AstroPay.

List of casinos with AstroPay →


Online Casino Payment Methods - Ukash

Ukash used to be a secure payment option for online casinos before it was absorbed by PaySafeCard in 2015. This option too functioned with the help of prepaid vouchers. This service lets gamblers convert cash into electronic money which could then be deposited at the online casinos in exchange for casino deposits. The payments were immediate without any need to upload sensitive financial information. The range of currencies was also quite wide.

List of casinos with Ukash →


Zimpler Review

Zimpler is one of the payment methods which breaks ground in terms of the benefits it entails. This is the first online payment service that lets the customers control how much they wish to spend in total. Zimpler allows gamblers to make instantaneous deposits and withdrawals from the bank. One can choose between various cards and banks for the deposits. Users can make multiple payments from the same Zimpler account without having to put in the details every time there needs to be a payment online.

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Crypto payments (BTC, LTC, USDT, etc.)

Bitcoin Payments Review

The future of payments is what is known as cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an umbrella term that includes currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, as well as Tether. Online casinos welcome crypto payments as they allow increased anonymity for the gamblers. There are lesser measures to take for financial security. Most online casinos offer bonus offers for this particular payment method. Gamblers can skip the taxation laws when they transfer funds to an online casino via crypto payments. 

List of casinos with Cryptos →

How to Choose a Payment Method?

Consider the following factors to keep in mind before you narrow down on anyone’s payment method. 

Safety and Security

While opting for a payment method at an online casino, it is necessary to keep in mind the safety involved in the process. Casino operators who are licensed and regulated make sure that they use the funds deposited using the payment methods wisely. However, the payment method must also allow safe transactions along with the minimal revelation of the financial details of the user.

Most online payment methods make sure to store the financial and personal details of a person on their website which they encrypt using superior encryption systems. Thus, users do not have to repeatedly punch in their details. This reduces the risk of leakage of information and facilitates ease of payment.

Payment speed

Payment speed is one of the factors that decide how much you can make out of your gambling career. Just like players expect speedy withdrawal and deposits from an online casino, it is expected for the payment method to also process the payments with efficiency. That way both parties can indulge in a seamless gambling experience.


It is always desirable to make use of payment methods that do not charge money for making transactions online. The entire point of gambling is to make sure that the money you invested gets multiplied in some way. Thus, it makes less sense for one to lose money via transaction fees.

Online payment methods offer a great range of payment via different currencies. The absence of a transaction fee makes sure that there are no problems in the conversions of currencies. Players can make use of the methods with increased freedom.

Online Casino Payment Methods Comparison

#MethodFeeDepositWithdrawalMin AmountMax Amount
1VisaFreeInstant2-5 Days€10€20,000
2MastercardFreeInstant1-5 Days€10€20,000
3MaestroFreeInstant1-5 Days€10€20,000
4PayPalFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€10€5500
5NetellerFreeInstantWithin 12 Hours€10€5000
6SkrillFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€10€5000
7Paysafe CardFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€10€1000
8EcoPayzFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€10€5000
9UkashFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€10€500
10Bank TransferFree2-10 Days5-28 Days€10€50,000

Online Casino Payment Methods with Fast Payouts

Fast deposits and withdrawals are a blessing to every gambler and online casino. It speeds up the process of gambling and allows players to enjoy their winnings as soon as possible. Various online casino deposit methods offer varying processing time limits. Additionally, a number of factors such as a person’s residing country, online casino registration, amount to be transferred, and currency plays a role to decide the time any transfer may take.

However, online casinos make use of payment methods that have relatively quick processing time to facilitate easy gambling routines. Some of the online casino payment methods which allow fast payouts are: 

  • PaySafeCard: Instant or 24 hours
  • EcoPayz: Instant or 24 hours
  • PayPal: Instant or 24 hours
  • Skrill: Instant or 24 hours
  • Ukash: Instant or 24 hours
  • Neteller: Instant or 12 hours

Online Casino Payment Methods for VIP players

The VIP players on any online casino get to enjoy higher perks when it comes to deposits and withdrawals online. This membership brings a few advantages to the VIP players which includes:

  • Fast withdrawals
  • Higher withdrawal limits
  • Lower deposit limits
  • No fee on transactions
  • Bonus offers on using a payment method
  • Better conflict resolution by the customer support
  • Better customer support

In some cases, VIP players may get to enjoy a higher variety of payment methods than the regular players on a platform. The minimum and maximum withdrawal limits may also be different for the VIP players. Some online casinos offer mobile payment facilities to VIP players only.

On another note, VIP players can play on the gambling platform to earn credit points which they can convert to cash when they make a withdrawal. VIP players can enjoy bonus offers on their payment methods much more frequently than the regular players at an online casino. 

FAQ All about Online Casino Payment Methods

  • How safe is it to make a deposit?

It is usually completely safe as long as the casino has a valid license from a competent licensing authority like the Gambling Commission or Malta. You should also check for a 128-bit encryption security system on the website. This ensures privacy and safety in terms of e-transfers.

  • How quickly can I cash out my winnings?

This depends on the kind of payment method you are using and the casino you are playing at. E-wallet transactions are usually the quickest but they also involve a small transaction fee. An average waiting time is usually 2-5 business days.

  • Is it possible to track my transactions?

Yes, as is the case with all kinds of e-transactions, your bank or e-wallet will keep a detailed record of all your withdrawals and deposits. It is thus very easy to track transactions.

  • Are there limits to the amount I can withdraw?

Yes, there are usually time-specified limits for withdrawals for all casinos. This is limit can be increased if you’re a VIP member or enjoy other benefits from the casino but usually, for smaller players, it is very strict.

  • Is it safe to use a credit card at online casinos?

Yes, if the casino is legitimate and with the right authorizations. However, if you are uncomfortable sharing your credit card details, you may choose third-party e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill as mentioned above.

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