How to Find a Trusted Online Casino Site

Learn how to indicate and choose only reliable and trusted online casino site. Gambling Geeks experts collected the steps and criteria which will help you to play safely.

Finding a trusted online casino site is very important in your journey to winning. Presently, there are tons of casino sites to choose from, and they all claim to be trustworthy and safe to use. However, that is not the case because some online casinos are looking to rip you off.

But do not worry because our experts have compiled ways to know the difference between fake and real online casinos. Now, you may ask what the criteria for selecting the right online casino are. 

Choosing an honest and trusted online casino is based on different factors, including payout time limits and terms, bonuses offered and their conditions, a list of games and gaming providers, the number of players, and other factors. Meanwhile, most fake or scam casino sites have similar features such as rigged unlicensed games, shady wager and bonus terms, fishy ways to force you to deposit more money, and so much more. 

To get acquainted with all aspects of how to determine a trusted online casino, read this article and find out how to play safely.

Table of Contents

    Define Your Preferences 

    Online casinos appear differently, and one way to know if a particular casino is honest is to know your casino needs. As a matter of fact, the differences in online casinos can be compared to selecting a car. 

    Some questions to ask yourself to determine your preferences: 

    What Kind of Bonuses do You Want? 

    Every casino wants to stand out with its special offers and promotions. Therefore, each of them provides the player with a choice among many different bonuses: free spins, deposit and no-deposit bonuses, free bets, cash backs, loyalty points. Are you searching for a weekly cash back bonus with no bet requirements? Or do you want a no-deposit bonus for registration? The kind of bonuses you want to get will determine the type of online casino site you register. 

    What Games do You Want to Play? 

    The kind of games you want to play is also vital in determining your online casino site choice. First of all, decide the type of games you like the most: live dealer games or online casino table games, classic fruit slots or advanced video slot games? Do you like playing only a few selected games or to try new games everyday? Or maybe you enjoy local traditional games like Andar Bahar or Teen Patti? If you prefer playing NetEnt slots, then you’d better check their availability on the casino site you’re going to play at. 

    What Type of Player Are You?

    The last question to ask yourself is what type of player are you. Are you the type of player that plays regularly, or do you play once in a while? If you fall into the category of regular players, the choice of a casino should be addressed seriously. Check out all payment methods offered on the site, learn the withdrawal conditions in detail. 

    For frequent players, it is important to join the special VIP or loyalty programs at the casinos. Why? Because the more you play, the more bonuses and perks you get for your loyalty. Make sure not to miss this nice opportunity.

    Perform Extensive Research 

    After questioning yourself, the next step will bring you closer to discovering a trusted online casino site. There is no better way to find safe online casinos than performing extensive research on different casinos. 

    Ask yourself if you know what SSL encryption is all about and if you can locate casinos with valid gaming licenses? While the answers to these questions may not necessarily tell a lot about the right casino, some honest online casino reviews will greatly help. 

    While performing your extensive research, here are some factors to consider that will help you determine the honesty in any online casino: 

    • Customer service 

    Sadly, most new online casino players do not even consider customer service’s realness when searching for the right online casino. In fact, customer service is not even something that players think of until they need help. By that time, it may be late, and you may have been duped already. 

    Experts will always recommend checking the effectiveness of a particular online casino customer service before signing up. 

    • Security and safety 

    Are online casino games safe? Can the online casino site be trusted? Are the payouts confirmed? Does the online casino site have an encrypted and safe connection? 

    These are but a few questions you need to find answers to when searching for an honest online casino. Your online safety and security is critical and should be your priority when choosing an online casino site. 

    • Banking and payouts 

    You should look out for two factors when considering the banking method of an online casino. The first factor is to know how long-requested payouts take before it reflects in your account, and the second factor is to know the several payment methods available to use. 

    A legit online casino should clearly state its payment methods and the cost attached to its games. Furthermore, it should also state the time it takes to process your earnings and reward you. 

    • Bonuses 

     If you are experienced with most online casinos, you should already know that not every online casino site offers what they have presented. For someone looking to find an honest online casino, you need to study the nitty-gritty to know particular casino terms and conditions. 

    In another case, some little bonuses can be fantastic even for a lot of deposits. 

    • Device compatibility 

    Another factor to check when choosing an honest online casino is device compatibility. Meanwhile, if you will be playing online casino games on a laptop or a desktop computer, you don’t have to be disturbed about device compatibility. 

    Additionally, device compatibility might not be too much of a problem because you can play online casinos on an app or through a browser. 

    Check Out Some Casino Sites 

    When you have discovered an online casino site you believe in a little, you need to take the pain of checking the site and seeing things for yourself. Even after reading tons of reviews on the same site, you still need to visit the site to ensure that the reviews are honest opinions on the casino site. 

    Once you visit a particular online casino site, you should do the following: 

    • Play the games. Many online casinos permit players to play some of their games without paying. If you find this option in your selected casino, proceed to play some games for free. Playing casino games for free will give you a glimpse of what to expect from the games when you finally decide to go into it full time. 
    • Browse around the site. View the registration form, check the site’s speed, click or tap the menus, check its reliability, and other things. This is very important because it allows you to know how effective the online casino site is. 
    • Check the customer service. While checking the casino site’s reliability, ensure you also test the customer service. Asides from reading reviews about a casino’s customer service, you can be able to know yourself if a particular casino customer service is reliable or not. 
    • View their offered bonuses. Navigate through the different features and select the bonuses section. The bonuses tab in the casino site will expose you to the several bonuses offered like the welcome bonus, free slots, free spins, and so much more. 
    • Sign up. If you are convinced with the above features and functions, you can register on the online casino. 

    Collect the No-Deposit Bonuses 

    The best way to know the right online casino is to try out what the casino offers without risking your money. The no-deposit bonus option is available for players who have at least registered on the casino site. 

    If you have registered and you find out that the online casino site offers a no-deposit bonus, you should take it without hesitation. At least, this will show that the online casino is legit and not fake. 

    You may not find the no-deposit bonus in every online casino, but it is better to take them without risking your money when you see them available. 

    Also, take note that the no-deposit bonus doesn’t always have bet requirements. This means you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings until you have deposited a minimum amount of money into your account. 

    If other game options like video slots, roulette, live games, and blackjack are available, you can try them out for free. The most important thing here is to test the casino’s authenticity to know if they are honest or not. 

    Register at Different Online Casinos 

    What is stopping you from trying multiple online casino sites? Since online casino sites are not aware of your movement online, you can always get to register at different online casinos. 

    The aim is to find an honest online casino you can trust without risking your money. When registering on different online casinos, ensure you use names you can easily recall so that you won’t find it difficult to login into any honest casino site you find. 

    Do not fret if you register for an online casino and do not open it again. Online casino sites won’t block your account immediately until after a year or more if they notice inactivity in your account. 

    Finally, you would surely find a trusted and honest online casino if you have registered at different casino sites. 

    How to Discover Unsafe Casinos 

    While it may be challenging to identify unsafe casinos, some factors still portray unsafe casinos. These factors include: 

    • Forcing bonuses on players

    One disgusting act that some online casinos perform is to force bonuses on players. Why should an online casino site force you to participate in a bonus, not minding the terms and conditions associated with the bonus? Isn’t it suspicious? Well, it is, and that is why you should avoid such online casinos. 

    Most online casinos force bonuses on players so that you have to obey their bonus terms, like rolling over your bonus money and depositing once more before you are allowed to cash out. 

    The outcome of this disgusting act may be that you will lose your deposited money to the casino, and so they won’t pay you your winnings anymore. 

    • Altering terms and conditions

    Why use an online casino site that constantly changes its terms and conditions. Online casinos that alter terms and conditions on the go usually do it to counter whatever they declare. 

    In return, the changed terms and conditions will make the customer look stupid and without any option to take. In fact, some online casinos might even change their terms and conditions once you contact their customer service. 

    If you discover that an online casino is guilty of this act, you must stay far away from them because they also tend to scam players. 

    • Long or extended payout time 

    It is better to avoid online casinos that take forever to pay customers who have won bets and are eligible for winnings. Imagine not receiving your winnings even after one or two months? Isn’t that a perfect representation of a scam? 

    As a matter of fact, if the online casino site is licensed, the player in question who got cheated is well within his/her right to charge the owners to court. 

    But rather than depositing continuously, you should stay away from online casinos that take a long time to pay out customer winnings. 

    • Offering inferior games 

    You should not deposit your money or play inferior games with an online casino because you may likely not get your money back. 

    Some fake or scam online casinos offer inferior games to players while seeking to make money from player’s deposits. So, instead of regretting later, stay away from online casinos offering inferior games. 


    Are online casinos honest? This is a question that has sparked up several conversations in the gambling industry. 

    Finding an honest and trusted online casino is no different from finding companies you want to do real and legit business with. You cannot locate an honest online casino with reviews alone.

    The intending casino player must take the pain of trying out different online casinos, checking their bonuses, clicking on every feature, and checking the site’s realness before registering and depositing money. 

    Thankfully, the guide by Gambling Geeks experts is here to help you with the different methods you can take to find an honest online casino. Also, you can always find the useful information about trusted online casinos in out rating of top online casino sites.

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