• Easy gameplay
  • Various combinations of bets
  • Game of chance
  • Live and online formats available
  • No strategies applied
  • Complicated table layout
  • Different payouts

Welcome to the Sic Bo game, probably one of the oldest gambling in the world. It is a classic dice game that originated in ancient China. Just like Roulette or Teen Patti, the Sic Bo table game involves betting on the outcome of three rolling dice. 

Given its simple rules and engaging gameplay, Sic Bo real money game is extremely in-demand gambling in Asian offline casinos. For example, in Macau, you will see many Sic Bo gaming tables surrounded by players wishing to play it.

Now, Sic Bo online is available to play from the comfort of your device, in two formats – online table game and live dealer game. 

  • Super Sic Bo - Game Review by Gambling Geeks

About Real Money Sic Bo Game

To begin with, let’s shed some light on the question: what does the name Sic Bo mean? If translate it from English, it means “a precious dice”. However, the game is also known as Dai Siu, Tai Sai or Hi-Lo in its homeland, China. 

It is a quite challenging task to tell the exact origins of the Sic Bo casino game. As for now, we just know that it is a dice game specific to Chinese culture.

The gambling is probably thousands of years old, it may even be the first casino game ever invented. In Asia, the game is in demand, especially in Macau casinos.

Also, Sic Bo for real cash is a pretty popular game in the United States, that was brought there by Chinese immigrants in the 20th century. And today, people play Sic Bo online for real money in many live casinos.

Basic Sic Bo Rules

When you look at the Sic Bo online casino betting table, you will think no way this game is an easy deal. Even though there are many betting areas, the rules are easy-peasy. All you need is to only watch how the dealer throws three dice and bet on the outcome.

This game does not require any complex educational guesses or additional actions from the player, except for placing bets. Like Roulette, the game online features different bets.

At the same time, all bets must be placed in separate betting areas, there are no split bets on intersections, as in Roulette. We admit that the game table is quite complex and requires a thorough study before you start playing. 

Play Super Sic Bo Online

Super Sic Bo online is a re-invention of the classic, simple dice game from leading iGaming providers like Evolution Gaming, which is the number one live casino software provider in the world. The developer added a lot of excitement to the game by putting random multipliers of up to 1000x in every game round!

Extremely easy to play, Super Sic Bo online casino game is a captivating follow-up of the ancient dice game that will appeal to players of all levels.

Super Sic Bo live casino offers a wide betting range starting from 20 INR up to 2,50,000 INR. As for the optimal theoretical return to player (RTP), the percentage is 97.22% based on Small /Big, Even / Odd bets.

Types of Live Bets

Here, you are welcome to wager on many different kinds of bets on the Super Sic Bo online. Moreover, every type of bet has its own payout. You receive your bet back on top of your winnings. 

The following bets are available in each Super Sic Bo live round:

Small / Big. You are betting on the total of the three dice being small (4-10) or big (11-17). Payout is 1:1.

Odd / Even. You are betting on the total of the three dice being Odd or Even. Payout is 1:1.

Total. You are betting on the 14 betting areas labelled 4-17. Total is the total of the 3 dice and excludes 3 and 18. Wins vary depending on the winning total.

  • 1:1 if 1 of 3 dices shows the number you bet on;
  • 1:2 if 2 of 3 dice show the number you bet on;
  • 3:1 if all 3 dice show the number you bet on.

Single. You are betting on any of the 6 betting areas labelled ONE, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, which presents the six face values of the dice

Double. The six Double-labelled betting areas. To win, 2 of 3 dice must show the same number. Payout is 8:1

Triple. You are betting on any of the six Triple-labelled betting areas. To win, all 3 dice must match the number chosen. Payout is 150:1.

Any Triple. This box covers all six different Triple bets at once. To win all 3 dice must show the same number. Payout is 30:1.

Combination. Bet on any of all 15 possible 2 dice combinations. Payout is 5:1.

Strategy and Hints

Here are some Sic Bo strategy and tips that will protect you from possible mistakes:

  • Sic Bo is one of the easiest casino games, the rules of which can be learned in just a couple of minutes. But we still recommend that you understand not only the rules of the game and betting options but also the payouts and chances of winning because knowing all the nuances of the game, you can make more reasonable bets.
  • Different casinos may have different versions of the online game, due to which the payouts may vary. Thus, before getting started, we recommend that you find out what kind of Sic Bo you are playing and what payouts you can count on.
  • Note that Sic Bo is a game of chance. Therefore, do not try to come up with any strategies and fill your head with nonsense. The only thing you can do is play at those stakes where the house edge is minimal. 
  • When playing, and indeed any other casino game, be able to manage your bankroll so that you can stop in time and save your money. And even if you win, you still set the winning amount, after which you will immediately leave the game.
  • Before playing for real money, try to practice in the free game mode. In the era of Internet technology, you can easily find a casino that provides a free game and does not require a deposit or registration. But if you still decide to play Sic Bo for money, then play only in proven and honest online casinos that we review for you on Gambling Geeks.


Regardless of the fact that Sic Bo is a game based on chance, you can guess the probability of each bet. For instance, if you wager on the Small / Big , or Even / Odd, there are more chances for you to win than betting on Triple.

Thus, these are the bets with the lowest risk when playing Sic Bo. Basically, your and casino odds are the same – 50/50. This means every second bet will be winning one.

There are also bets featuring the middle risk. You are supposed to place a wager on the particular totals. From one side, the payouts are high, as well as the house edge.

For example, the numbers 10 and 11 will appear much more often than 4 and 17. Since the chances of a 10 or 11 are 12.5% and the chances of a 4 or 17 are only 1.4%.

To understand what numbers are the most profitable to bet on, we recommend to familiarise yourself with the odds and payouts.

Where to Play Sic Bo Online

If you are interested in playing this ancient Chinese game Sic Bo, you no longer need to go to China to try your luck at rolling the dice. Thanks to online gaming software and its rapid evolution, you can enjoy it online right from your favourite phone or almost any other device.

Meanwhile, Gambling Geeks will do our best to provide you with the latest information about worthy online casinos and exciting casino games like Sic Bo!

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