• Easy and exciting gameplay
  • Rich graphics in live formats
  • Medium variance, risky RTP
  • 100% game of chance

Dragon Tiger casino game is exciting gambling that constantly keeps you in suspense! One of the oldest games from ancient China, the rules of which are somewhat similar to the no less famous game of Baccarat.

Simple rules, excitement, easy gameplay make the Dragon Tiger casino play so popular around the globe. From that time forward, the rules of the game have not changed, but you still should know them before playing Dragon Tiger card game.

  • Dragon Tiger - Game Review by Gambling Geeks

About Dragon Tiger Casino Game

What could be better than studying the history of ancient countries in the form of a casino game? The modern technologies used by online casinos contribute to this in every possible way, allowing you to become acquainted with popular games in ancient times. 

The well-known live software providers which produce high-quality games in the Live Casino format, invites gamblers to evaluate Dragon Tiger – an exciting game originating in Cambodia.

It is worth noting the unique similarity of the basic principles of Dragon Tiger with Baccarat – a recognized game of aristocrats. Today, all Gambling Geeks are able to enjoy the Dragon Tiger game real-time with a real dealer.

How to Play Dragon Tiger Card Game?

So, the main goal of the game is to score points as close to 13. Remember that the game uses one deck of cards. The number of cards in the deck is 52, without jokers.

The King is the highest card, and the Ace is the lowest. The winner is the one with the higher card.

Dragon Tiger game provide betting odds:

  • If the Dragon card is higher, then the player wins – 1:1;
  • If the Tiger card is higher, then the dealer wins 1:1;
  • The game offers to select large and small bets, the coefficients for them are similar to 1:1;
  • In case of a draw, as in Baccarat, the coefficient will be 1:8
  • If all bets go on a Dragon or a Tiger, you are get 1:1, you will receive a higher amount if there is a draw, 8:1.

Please note that if the cards are the same, that is, in fact, a draw. However, no one bet on a draw, then the casino has a rule according to which the players will be returned 50% of the bet.

Why is Dragon Tiger card game so attractive?

  • Simple rules.
  • High odds.
  • Quick gameplay.

Live Game Rules with Real Dealers

The rules of the Dragon Tiger game are very simple. Two cards appear one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. The winner is one with the highest card.

The player can bet on a Dragon, a Tiger or a draw. You can also place additional bets in this game, read about them further on this page. Aces are the lowest cards, and the rest of the cards follow in their usual order, starting with two and up to the king, which is the highest card. In Dragon Tiger the suit does not matter.

In the event of a tie (both the Dragon and the Tiger receive equivalent cards), the player loses 50% of his bet on the dragon or tiger.

Winners get their payouts on the winning bets at the end of each game round.

Additional bets

Each round can accept several additional bets. Namely:

  • Dragon Big and Tiger Big bets win if an 8 or higher card is dealt to the corresponding box. If a seven or less is dealt, the bet loses.
  • “Dragon Small” and “Tiger Small” bets win if a six or lower card appears on the corresponding box, and lose if a seven or higher is dealt.
  • “Dragon Odd” and “Tiger Odd” bets win if the following cards are: A, 3, 5, 9, J, K.
  • “Dragon Even” and “Tiger Even” bets win if the following cards are: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q.
  • Sevens are not considered winning cards for Odd / Even Dragon / Tiger bets. If a seven is dealt, then these bets lose.
  • Sevens are not considered winning cards for Big / Small Dragon / Tiger bets. If a seven is dealt, then these bets lose.

Additional bets have nothing to do with the main ones. For example, you can place the main bet on the Dragon and the additional bet “Odd Tiger” and vice versa.

Most Asked Questions

Is There a Winning Strategy for Dragon Tiger?

No, and you shouldn’t attempt using one. Dragon Tiger is a fun and simple game that doesn’t require much strategy. You have only a few options to bet on and statistics from the previous rounds, so you can easily predict the outcome of future turns.

Is Dragon Tiger the Same as Baccarat?

Dragon Tiger and Baccarat are similar in gameplay, but they are not the same game. The house edge in Dragon Tiger is noticeably higher than in Baccarat.

Should I Play the Tie Bet?

The Tie bet certainly offers an enticing payout, but experts recommend staying away from it due to the high house edge. The Suited Tie bet is even worse in regards to the house edge. If you’re feeling lucky, though, it’s your decision.

Where to Play It Online

There are no ideal strategies, and there is always a risk of losing. Although! The rules of the Dragon Tiger game are such that the player has a higher chance of winning than, for example, poker, blackjack, baccarat. You will find this and all of the above game reviews in our Gambling Geeks materials. In addition to the fascinating game Dragon Tiger card game, we recommend where to play it online without any risks. Stay tuned!

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